Sales and Marketing

Extensive Multi-channel Sales Network

Tailoring to the consumption preference of market, we have established an extensive sales network across China and reached consumers through multiple channels we have been actively exploring. Our sales channels consist of a broad distribution network and our direct sales channel.

customer experience

We also creatively collaborate with our distribution partners to offer immersive, engaging customer experience at the featured stores, demonstration distilleries and tasting parties, with the aim to continuously nurture a loyal consumer base, improve consumer bonding and develop our brands as synonyms for Chinese’s top baijiu.

Online business

We are also ramping up our online presence, catering to evolving market patterns. Through our selfoperated online stores together with leading national-wide third-party e-commerce platforms, our baijiu products are easily accessible by our customers via a few clicks.


Immersive Promotion Strategies

We adopt an immersive promotion strategy, which, combined with our quality baijiu products, creates a vast, loyal consumer base with attractive cross-selling opportunities. We also dedicate our sales team to supporting our distributors’ marketing efforts, managing our distribution network and engaging end consumers. We engage our consumers via multiple approaches, including immersive brand education experiences, tailor-made interactive events and influential brand stories.

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