Hunan Xiang Jiao

Originally established in 1957, Xiang Jiao was synonymous with the rich cultural heritage of baijiu-making in Hunan, recognized as a premium baijiu brand with substantial local presence and strong brand awareness in Hunan.

We name the brand Kai Kou Xiao, or “A Big Smile” in English, because we aspire to spread the joyfulness of life through our baijiu products.

  • Longshan Microclimate
    Longshan Microclimate
    Brewing • High quality liquor brewing on blessed land
    The annual average temperature of the southern foot of Longshan mountain where Xiangjiao lies is 2℃ higher than that of the northern part of the mountain. The sunshine is long and the rain is sufficient. The 90% forest coverage rate makes the air flow slow, which is suitable for the microbial enrichment and optimization of liquor making.
    Reserve • "Longshan Essence" nourishing liquor body aging and maturation
    Minerals, selenium and trace elements rise with mantle heat from the underground fault, which accelerates the aging and maturation of Xiangjiao liquor body, produces many fragrant substances and greatly improves the taste and aroma of Xiangjiao liquor.
  • Fantastic Medicine King Mountain
    Fantastic Medicine King Mountain
    The 142-year-old longevity medicine king Sun Simiao is inseparable from Shaozhou liquor. According to the "Year Book of Medicine King Sun Simiao": During the Tang Zhenguan reign, the medicine king Sun Simiao came to Longshan in Xiangzhong, known as "the mountain of medicine under the heaven", and lived for 27 years. Among the 5,300 prescriptions recorded in his masterpiece "Qian Jin Fang", there are more than 2500 prescriptions produced in Longshan. Sun Simiao used Shao liquor and Longshan Chinese medicinal materials to formulate "Tusu medicinal liquor" for the folks to eliminate plague. Volume 7 of "Qian Jin Yao Fang" has a special section of "Spirits and liquor", and volume 12 has a special section of "Wind deficiency and miscellaneous tonic wine, decoction". Volume 16 of "Qian Jin Yi Fang" has a special section "Various Liquor".
  • Three-thousand-year Xiang Jiao
    Three-thousand-year Xiang Jiao
    In 1986, a national first-class cultural relic comparable to the national treasure "Four-ram Zun" was unearthed in Shaoyang. It is a bronze drinking vessel from the Shang and Zhou dynasties-the "Hui Shou Long Pan Hu Hu", commonly known as the "Little Dragon Pot". With material evidence, the history of Shaoyang liquor and drinking dates back to the Shang and Zhou dynasties 3,000 years ago. It is now in the Shaoyang City Museum.
  • Huxiang Center Feng Tan Liquor
    Huxiang Center Feng Tan Liquor
    Xiangjiao is located in the geographical center of Hunan Province. It has the largest underground liquor cellar group in China, music gunny jars liquor cellar and Longhui cave storage base. The liquor absorbs Longshan mantle heat in a high-quality environment and becomes aging and mature.

In 2005, Xiangjiao Liquor was named "China's Top 100 National Baijiu Industry Enterprises in 2004" by the National Bureau of Statistics

In 2007, Xiangjiao Liquor established the "Justice and Courage" Award Fund

In 2010, "Kai Kou Xiao" was awarded "China Well-known Trademark"

In 2011, it won the title of "National Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization"

In 2011, it won the "Hunan Provincial Governor Quality Award"

In 2012, "Xiang Jiao" was awarded "China Well-known Trademark"

In 2013, it won the "Hunan Agricultural Product Processing Quality and Safety Award"

In 2013, Xiangjiao Liquor started the "Xiang Jiao Learning, Hope to Peer" study project

In 2015, "Kai Kou Xiao 15" won the Gold Medal of 2015 Belgium Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

In 2018, "Xiang Jiao • Red Diamond" won the Grand Gold Medal, the highest honor of 2018 Belgium Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

In 2018, Xiangjiao Eco-cultural Winery won the "National AAAA-level Tourist Attraction"

In 2018, Shao Yang Daqu was awarded "Hunan Time-honored Brand" by Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce

In 2018, "Xiang Jiao • My University Dream" charity fund was officially established

In 2020, Xiang Jiao became "Olympic Hunan Army Designated Liquor"

In 2020, Xiangjiao Liquor was named "The Sixth National Civilized Unit"

In 2021, it won the National May Day Labor award

In 2021, Xiangjiao Cave Winery won the "National AAA Level Tourist Attraction"

In 2021, it won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for the 30th Anniversary of the Hope Project"

In 2021, it won the "4th Hunan Charity Award for The Most Caring Donation Enterprise"


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