Carry forward rich culture heritage and turn every drop of aromatic baijiu into a joyful and memorable moment.

Beauty of tasting Chinese Baijiu

Tasting Chinese baijiu is like tasting a wordless poem, a colorless painting, a silent song, and the gift of nature to mankind. When you wander in the taste journey of tracing the origin of mysterious oriental culture, you will feel the depth of ancient civilization and the popular social etiquette in China. It brings more vitality and fun to today's Chinese life.

Chinese baijiu is ancient and mysterious

Chinese baijiu is ancient and mysterious, gentle and quiet like water in appearance, and passionate and intense like fire in personality. It is a distilled liquor with complicated process, long production cycle, high production cost, a large number of microorganisms involved in brewing, and abundant style and flavor.

Baijiu is one of the important products of Chinese civilization

In China, a ceremony is not completed without baijiu, feelings cannot be express without baijiu, happiness cannot be reached without baijiu, sorrow cannot be relieved without baijiu, and joy cannot be felt without baijiu. In the phylogeny of thousands of years of Chinese food culture, national traditional culture and even the art culture, baijiu has always been indispensable.

Chinese baijiu is one of the six major distilled liquors in the world

It has a long history, profound culture, unique vessels, exquisite skills, simple and unadorned etiquette, humorous drinking games, and strong styles, which leads to a unique culture in the world's wine forest.

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